Workshop on Lifetime Care and Support for Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Created date:February 15th, 2018


This program aims to create a nationwide long-term follow-up system for children, adolescents, and young adults by fostering multi-disciplinary teams at hospitals.


(1) Fosters multi-profession teams for long-term follow-up

  1. This program organizes a steering committee of experts in this field.
  2. The committee sets up training courses and develops an effective program and learning materials for clinicians, nurses, and other professionals.
  3. The committee offers training courses or workshops.
  4. The committee maintains a homepage to facilitate information distribution on the activities.

(2) Supports multi-disciplinary teams in charge of long-term follow-up at hospitals

The committee gives advice to, and responds to, inquiries from teams overseeing long-term follow-up. Through these activities, the committee spreads the awareness of the concept and better practices of long-term follow-up throughout the country.