Request for Donations

Created date:February 15th, 2018
Update date:February 17th, 2021

The Japanese Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (JSPCA) is an academic organization that aims to contribute to the improvement of medical care for pediatric hematology and oncology in Japan by engaging in academic research, public relations, surveys and research, and recognition of qualifications in the fields of pediatric hematology and oncology. Members include pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, pathologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and other doctors from multiple departments, as well as nurses, basic medical researchers, psychologists, social workers, educators, and other professionals. Experts in various fields are united in their desire to support children with cancer and blood disorders and their families and are working as one academic society. The society is also making efforts to train the next generation of young medical professionals and researchers in relevant fields who will carry on society’s wish to support children who have overcome their illnesses even after they become adults.

We believe that considering the ideal state of medicine and society through the lens of the ideal state of medical care and education for children will actually lead to the creation of all future medical care and a better society. We believe that children with illnesses and disabilities are, in fact, the guideposts that show us the path we should take and are the very light that will lead us to a better future if we face their challenges head-on. Basic research on pediatric cancer and hematological diseases, which are among the most intractable diseases that lead directly to death, multidisciplinary treatment by multiple departments and professions, total care that involves the entire society including families, educators, and government, and community and town planning centered on medical care are important not only for children and cancer but also for all medical care, healthcare, welfare, and the future. We believe that total care and community and town planning centered on medical care that involves the entire society, including children, educators, and government, can be the starting point for all medical care, health care, and welfare, not just for children and cancer, and for creating a better society in the future. We are convinced that the gathering of many medical professionals, researchers, and ex-patients and their families and the promotion of exchanges through the efforts of this conference will lead to the improvement of all medical care, healthcare, and welfare, including not only cancer and pediatric blood disorders but also those of adults, as well as the creation of a better society in the future. However, because pediatric cancer is a rare disease and requires a high level of expertise in diagnosis and treatment, it is still not as commonly recognized by society as are adult cancers. JSPCA’s financial situation continues to be severe year after year. Although it has taken various cost-cutting measures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the environment required for running the society because of a decrease in income and the revision of the consumption tax.

Therefore, for JSPCA to continue its activities and contribute to society with the goal of reaching a bright future, we have decided to ask for donations from those who agree with our objectives.

We sincerely hope that you will understand and support us.

Donation Procedures

(1) Please fill out the donation application form (download by clicking the button below) and send it to the Secretariat by mail, fax, or e-mail attachment.
(2) The Board of Directors will discuss and approve the contents of the donation application form.
(3) The secretariat will inform you of the bank account information required for the transfer.