Workshop on Care for Life-threatening Illness in Childhood

Created date:February 15th, 2018


Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Programs by the national government prescribed that physicians caring for cancer patients should gain basic knowledge of palliative care through training courses. The palliative care of children differs from care for adults, therefore, a training course for professionals working with pediatric patients is needed.

This program aims to improve the quality of palliative care for pediatric patients through offering opportunities for training courses in pediatric palliative care to physicians.


(1) To offer training courses in palliative care to physicians caring for pediatric patients

  1. This program organizes a steering committee of experts in this field.
  2. The committee sets up training courses on pediatric palliative care.
  3. The committee develops an effective program and learning materials, and offers training courses.

(2) Others

The committee discusses issues related to the goals of this program.