Information on supports to medical expense

Created date:February 15th, 2018

A grant-in-aid program for chronic diseases in childhood


Children with chronic diseases such as cancers need long-term medical care which requires considerable expenditure.

TThis governmental support program aims to establish new treatments for children with such diseases. Additionally, the program reduces the economic load of their families by supporting medical expenses not covered by medical insurance.

2.Qualifying agee

Less than 18 years of age(If continuous treatment is needed after 18 years of age, it can be expanded up to 19 years of age.)

3.Target disease

- Malignant neoplasm (leukemia, malignant lymphoma, neuroblastoma, etc.)

- Hemophilia and other blood/immunological disorders (hemophilia, chronic granulomatous disease, etc.)

- Other chronic and refractory diseases such as inborn error of metabolism

4.Self-pay burden

A self-pay burden of each patient is defined according to the income of the guardian.

In hospitalized cases, it ranges from 0 to 11,500 Japanese Yen per month.

In outpatient cases, it ranges from 0 to 5,750 Japanese Yen per month.

The amount limited to this regulation should be paid to the hospital as a part of the medical fee. If the patient is diagnosed as being seriously ill, it is entirely exempt.

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5.Responsible government

Prefectures, designated cities, and core cities

6.Materials required when submitting

(1) application form

(2) medical certificate

(3) copy of the certificate of residence

(4) copy of certificate indicating the income of the guardian

For more information, contact the nearest public health center.